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About Us

Silver Lake Saint Bernards is a small showing and breeding kennel in the heart of Washington State. We intend to stay small, so that we can always give our dogs, bitches and puppies the attention that they need and that they live for.

We live one on one with our animals--they are as big a part of our lives as our children. We believe that the Saint Bernard should be a Working Dog.

Ours help us bring branches up from the woods, they pull weights, they pull carts, and they are favorites in the neighborhood with all the children. Plus they do well in the Conformation ring. We feel that Saints should be muscular, strong, and able to perform the duties for which they were bred in the Alps of Switzerland.

We participate in the Weight Pulling events, the Carting events. and the Snow Trials sponsored by the Saint Bernard Club of Puget Sound. Most of all, we feel that temperament is the most important attribute that a Saint should possess. A good temperament is the key item in our breeding program.

We take great care in breeding--investigating the pedigree of any dog or bitch that we breed to. That not only includes the physical history of the dogs but the temperament history of the dogs as well. 

Our puppies are touched, held, loved, socialized and leash trained. We strive to put forward for sale the best Saint Bernards that we can. If you buy a dog from us, we will always take that dog back for any reason, and refund your money or give you another dog.

We also do Saint Bernard rescue for the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation as well as the Seattle Purebred Rescue. We temperament test all our rescue dogs--they are all either spayed or neutered- and are up to date on all their shots. We strive to make them as healthy as we can.

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